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Boy Gender Reveal Ideas - A Big Hit & Personalized

6 Boy Baby Gender Reveal Scratch-offs Ideas – On Sale Now

boy gender reveal scratch-off cards

Environmentally Friendly Scratch-Offs – No Trees or Paper Used.

Every Boy Gender Reveal digital scratch-off card is personalized - with the parent's names and baby's gender!

1000 Boy Gender Reveal Digital Scratch-Off Cards for the price of 50!


Test each design below to see which one you love the best!

Our Scratch-off Cards Work on all Apple and Droid smartphones and play.

Each Scratch-off card displays your baby’s gender and parents’ names after the scratch-off and fireworks! You will receive a unique URL and or QR code to give your friends and family to play on their mobile phones.
People can repeatedly play multiple times, so you will never run out of cards!


Try the 6 unique and beautiful free demos below.

The demos below are a combination of both girl and boy gender reveals. Yours will be just the gender you request for your cards.

Design GV10001

Design GV10002

Design GV10003

Design GV10004

Design GV10005

Design GV10006

Loved by everyone who used for their surprise baby boy gender reveal announcement.

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gender reveal
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Gender Reveal  Party Origins

The GR party craze started around 2007-2008 and was held during the mother’s pregnancy to announce the sex of the baby to family and friends.

Sometimes the sex reveals announcement takes place at the baby shower party. The reveal usually involves gender imagery with the colors pink for girls and blue for boys.

The trend for GR ideas has continually spiked on Google Search and popularized on social media platforms.

Using digital scratch-off cards is considered safe and fun for friends and family remotely learn and celebrate their loved one’s baby’s gender.

In the past, when GR parties’ origins started, the use of fireworks and cannon salutes contributed directly to large-scale forest fires, deaths, and injuries.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting GR Backlash



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